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 Read before posting(contiued)

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PostSubject: Read before posting(contiued)   Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:55 pm

To finish what Leet15 was saying above we admins and moderators here at xtreme-gamers.net do not take to kindly to inappropriate actions toward others. If anybody is seeing this happening please report the person who is doing this to Leet15 and he will resolve this problem.

Here is of extended things that are not allows on this site.....

1. Assault others with rude slander
2. Harrass others over via the internet
3. Ask anyone for any personal information EVER
4. No asking each other for passwords
5. No calling names (i.e.) fatty,retard,dork this are not allowed nor accepted
6. If anyone violates these rules you will be severly delt with and you will most likly get banned from the site or banned for a short number of days.

Please follow by these rules and the admins and moderators will not have any problems with you fellow users

Thank You and have a Nice day Smile
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Read before posting(contiued)
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