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 Black And White 2

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PostSubject: Black And White 2   Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:32 am

Dear User,
Im here talking about yet another game, Black and White 2.
Its a great graphical game with high definition, and although it isn't online and with other users, youll understand why if you read on.
Its a game where your god, and you control a city. It's very good graphics so its fantastic to play. You control the people, can either be good, Or Evil! I always choose good, because if your evil your people hate you. You go to war with other towns, and villages and sometimes they demote themselves and beg to join your city/tribe! Also, when your god you choose a monster to control the villagers. (Although they don't really, they just: sleep, eat and play).

All in all, i rate this game 9/10.

This score is good for the game because it would have been a ten out of ten.
Here's another tip : DON'T FORGET TO SAVE! - Now you know why i gave it nine instead of 10...


P.S I seriously suggest you go out and buy this game.
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Black And White 2
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